Bengkel Media PRISM

Beautiful is the word.
'Allah is beautiful and loves beauty'.

Indeed, everyone looked so happy when they got to capture pictures, as plain as they may looked like before which then turned to be beautiful. What is more now we can use Lightroom untuk lebih sinar.Lol

The facilitators' patience repeating the same thing was impressive. Beautiful is again the word for patience is beauty. If they could be patient over us when we were in distress, clicking here and there, yet not getting things right, let us then also practise that patience when we practise and build upon the skills that we have learnt on the day for it is not easy to create even a very short video. Bak kata Sya-irah Nasir "Bengkel Media taught me that struggle is real".

When Sifu Qayyum showed us the video that we will have to produce almost similar to, as far as I could remember and hear, there were almost no cheer from anyone in the room or there might be as faint as it could be.

We then tried to make it ourselves and later after the struggle of that, the very same video was then presented to us again. This time there was almost a roar from everyone admiring it. Well, we probably see the beauty more when we have experienced it.



School Visit Volunteering at Masjid

Assalamualaikum everyone.

A few days ago,I volunteered for a school visit in one of the local mosque here. There were 6 stations and I was assigned to take care of a group of 20 of seven and eight-year-old kids. They were very adorable and well behaved.

It was quite awkward at first as I am always quite socially awkward. Lol. After a brief introduction of Islam, they were divided into 3 groups. Then, when they all came to me as I stood in front of almost 60 kids, I greeted them with a smile on my face. I then asked them about their expectation.
"Alright, guys. Is this what do you expect to see in a mosque?"
"Hmm, no actually. I thought it will be bigger"
I can't help but curled both of my lips trying not to laugh.

The thing that they remember the most is probably the word 'Allah'. I am not sure if they really understand who Allah actually is as they repeatedly gave that as the answer to everything.
Cute. Kids are very innocent.

At the Quran station, they were given the chance to listen to Al-Quran recitation from the headphone for 2 minutes each. I love observing them. Some of them were even bobbing their heads and slightly shaking their body with a wide smile while listening to the recitation.

Children are so pure. They are like white pieces of cloth.