Living with Someone

Does living with someone scare you? All the sharing and tiptoeing round one another's feelings. All those arguments over hairs in plugholes and dishes left in sinks. The unmade bed. The wet towels not in place. The rolled-up sock stuffed under a cushion. The shoes left where anyone would fall over them.

Seoul, Korea Summer 2016

Day 1 : Itaewon - Myeongdong
Day 2 : Insadong - Gyeongbukgong - Gwanghamun Square - Cheongyecheon Stream - Banpo Bridge (Rainbow Bridge)
Day 3 : Petite France - Nami Island - Namsan Tower - Banpo Bridge (Again because the day before it was raining, they cancelled the show)
Day 4 : Gwangjang Market - Namdaemun Market - Korea University - Dongdaemun Plaza
Day 5 : Ewha University - Hongdae (Cat Cafe) - Gangnam - Apgujeong
Day 6 : Going back to Malaysia

Turkey, Spring 2016 Video Travel

Eating Habits Poem

I have always told myself to start eating healthily. I need more intrinsic motivation for this. This is a poem I found online which makes my soul delights in reciting it.

Stop your Play, it's time to eat,
Come wash your hands and take a seat
Before you start though, bring to mind,
The mercy of Allah who is so kind.
So begin in the name of Allah,
By always saying Bismillah,
Don't dish out more than you can eat,
For Muslims shouldn't over eat.
And one thing you must understand,
It's good to eat with your right hand,
Never stuff your mouth with food,
That would surely be most rude.
Take your time and chew quite well,
Pick up morsels in case it fell,
Eat your food and leave no waste,
There's no need to eat in haste.
Drink your tea and slip slow,
You don't have to gulp you know,
When you've finished thank Allah,