Marrakech, Winter 2015

Souls are of three types.
1) Commanding Soul
Nafsul Amarah. It will command you to do evil things, leading you to the hell. But, it is also receptive to changes. Human soul is like a child being breastfed by its mother, addicted to it. When they are being weaned, it shouts keeping the household and neighbourhood awake. After time, in a few months, it changes and would not want to be breastfed again.

How do we mold this commanding soul? It will first scream, then with time it will lose its grip if you surround yourself with good environment, make good deeds your routine.

2) The blaming soul
 Nafsul Lawwamah; blaming itself. A living soul will feel regretful and happy at times. When he sins, he will regret and blame himself and when he does good things, he is happy.

3) The Peaceful Soul
Nafsul Mutmainnah of serenity, contentment and inner warmth. They will hear the Angel of Death at his deathbed saying, " Oh you peaceful soul, return back to Allah, pleased with yourself and Allah is pleased with you...."