18 things In KYUEM


I studied A Level in this very peaceful and beautiful college, Kolej Yayasan UEM. I love my life there because there were so many things that I have learnt throughout my stay. So, here are a few pictures in KY.
 There are just so many things that you could do there.

The beautiful green KY field

1. Join as many activities as you can. Sabah Charity Outreach (SCORE)

2.  Explore the Lost World of Lembah Beringin with the fabulous friends.


 3. Crawl under the Chalet (ju-On version). I doubt that this could still be done considering that there is no more open space under the furnished chalet.

4. Charity Outreach Trip to aboriginal village.

5. Watch performances. This one was taken during Dikir Barat night.

6. Join camps and get to know others better and of course get to know yourselves even better. There are Muslim Youth Camp, Muslim Leadership Camp and Muslim Overseas Camp.

 7. Expedition. Duke of Edinburgh. I went to Gunung Brinchang(Cameron Highland), Kalumpang, and the hardest climb was at Bukit Kutu.

 8. Shower with field water sprinkler and anxiously waiting for it .

 9. Be part of Decoration Team during Dinners. This one was during College Bday Celebration with the theme of harry Potter Decoration.

 10. Eco Trips- Perlis

 11. Almost all celebrations in Malaysia. Enjoy Raya Celebration the most because of the FOOD!!!

 12. Enjoy the beautiful sky- After Subuh prayer

 13. Experience different seasons- jerebu, blazing summer, spring, autumn, wet

14. Jog around college- Did not jog much, but if you are one of the frequent joggers, KY would be an awesome place for jogging.Prefer jogging in the morning before class. I have always admired the teachers and staff who are committed enough to wake up and jog, esp the not-yet-Muslims who have the choice to enjoy the pleasure of their bed as company. We, as Muslims must always start our day early during fajr.
 15. Kyasu-ing in your room. I don't really like going to the Resource Centre apart from during the Real Exam period.

16. Buying trees for KY Green Day

17. Get new experience such as this!!! *During KIWEE  -KYUEM Islamic Week

 18. Be a part of an awesome organization, club or anything apart from the HOUSE (a TOPAZIAN). I joined Student Council.

There are a lot more things that I have and haven't done there.What I am trying to say is I miss KY and its people. To the juniors, Good luck and make the best out of your stay. Enjoy.