RISE 2014: Until The End of Time

I said I would change forever more,
And I see myself walking alone,
No more of the days filled with love,
I split and broken

Allah loves me,
He picks me up,
He gave me good friends,
For Him, I RISE

Perplexities and confusions overwhelming the world,
No way to tell which is truth,
Or which is lie,
Unless you hold dear the Quran and Sunnah,
Never I knew,
History will repeat itself

Until the end of time,
From the jaws of evil,
We seek protection from Him,
He is everywhere,
He sees everything,

Stories were told,
Wisdoms were seen,
I want to change forever more,
In my heart I pray,
No destructive sword will split me again,
I will RISE,
Together, we will RISE.


----- At the very moment I am writing this, Malaysia and its people are being tested with flood disaster. May everyone be strong. Do not forget that the world is always flooded with evil and goodness. We have to choose between the two!!!-----