Torn Apart. Medicine or Overseas?

Yeah. Indeed, dua2 pon I nak. I ve been dreaming to study overseas since my height was still sekontot kerusi makan dining table set (hey, now, at least a bit taller than that). And, I ve set my mind and spent time for medicine for at least 2 years.
Semoga yang terbaik untuk semua nanti.
It scares me to think of what does future behold. It is kind of terrifying to think of what I will be doing in few years time. After all, I ask for having imaan in heart and understanding to the wisdom of whatever had happened and whatever will happen.

Btw, I lost my hard disk with all important documents and momentous pictures in it. Not only that, my quran with translation pon hilang. I am still hoping whoever found them will return to me. Having said that, there is actually a very interesting story about the hard disk. To make it short, when I asked the IT department about it, they told me someone had already claimed a hard disk (not sure mine or not, trying to be husnuzhon regarding this) earlier than me and his description on the hard disk is ….well, just like mine.

We can strive to fill our hearts with love and our minds with optimism as we drain our Fountain of Tears and stomp our Mountain of Fears.

In a sea of darkness
Searching for the light
Intisharah and istikharah,
Ask for help, I know He will answer,
Hope is always there
Even in the roughest moments
Hope, I need you
Hope, I want you

I realize,
Everybody suffers
Everybody deals
Everybody copes
Everybody breaks
Everybody hopes
Everybody cries
Don't you cry
There's always hope

Hearts break
Souls die
Hearts shatter
I will not be silenced
Hope always remains
Brother, I need you now
The war's not over yet
Hold onto me, we still have time
Because hope's always there
Even in the darkest times

Check your birthday in hijri date is maulidur rasul today.12 rabiul awwal
Firstly....take time to ponder about what we have done to show our love towards prophet Muhammad saw....

And if u do not know how to check ur date of birth in hijri is a website..

Wear smile to look beautiful

Know that beauty is two types: external and internal. Internal beauty is loved for itself; it is the beauty of knowledge, reason, generosity, chastity and courage. That inside beauty is what God looks at and loves in His servant. Moreover, inside beauty beautifies the external image even if it is not appealing, when the person is covered with reverence, sweetness and beautiful manners as much as his soul acquires of those features. A believer is granted reverence and beauty according to his faith, so he is revered by those who meet him and loved by those who deal with him. This is commonly observed as you can see the righteous, charitable and well-mannered man projecting the nicest impression even if he is plain in looks, especially when he has been blessed with keeping night prayers as they illuminate the face and beautify it.

Ibnul-Qayyem al-Jawzy