Why do people eat chilies?? kenapa makan lada??

Assalamualaikum....ape celop?????
perghhhh.... now, I'm back after a quite long hiatus...huhu.MIA jap. Missing in action.
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Lots of things to do , plus, the laziness always get the better of me. *huh, discussion topic for Selamat Pagi Malaysia this morning is M.A.L.A.S *
(the motivator did say , in community, when it is just one or two persons being lazy, then, it is bcoz of their attitude. But, if all the members are lazy, then, it  means laziness has become a culture, then,i heard  and listened no more as I have to go to the clinic)
I hate myself the most  when I am being lazy and it happen for most of the time...erghhh... the reason is simple, I don't want to be filled with ruefulness in the future....well, I am not saying being lazy is a felony, but, we all should throw it away. well, the effort counts...

Let’s do the BEST

9GAG - Just for Fun!Ok, back to the main topic. Why do people eat chilies??? I have been curious about it since a long time ago.But, it is only today i try googling up bout it..Well, my eye and my hand turned red. when I pound them today to make chili paste  .. Burning and painful!!!!!!

I am kelantenese, and most of the kelantanese just don't really like the burning sensation of it. It is actually capsaicin that cause us to feel the pain. U can refer to this article.
"Humans, apparently, enjoy torturing themselves. Spiciness, after all, is not a flavour, not like sweet or salty or sour. Spicy means pain. The sensation of spiciness is the result of the activation of pain receptors in the tongue. According to psychologist Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania, about a third of the people around the world eat hot peppers every single day. Why? Because they "love the burn". At a symposium on gastro-psychology during this year's Association for Psychological Science convention, Rozin pointed out that humans are the only species – we know about – that specifically seek out what would otherwise be considered negative events."

 So, now, I know, there are many incredible health benefits by eating chilies( referring to this), but I don't know how true it is:
*Lowers blood sugar level
*Improve heart health, boost circulation, Thins Blood and Helps Protect Against Strokes
*Provides Pain Relief & Reduces Inflamation
*Acts as a Therapeutic & Relaxant
*Helps Clear Congestion
*Limits Spreading of Prostate Cancer
*Lowers Risk of Stomach Cancer
*Help to Burn Fat
* lowers cholesterol
*reduces the amount of fibrin in the blood (lowers the blood's tendency to clot.)

but, WAIT!!! remember


p/s: bakpo eh ambo sokmo nok eja 'chili' dengan double l....sigh