Social Interaction

Picture of a bird perching on a pole at the rooftop of Golden Horn Hotel, Istanbul in Spring 2016. Taken after breakfast.

Sometimes, we do not know what makes us happy. Interaction may be challenging to one and may not be to another. One may both like and do not like socialising. Of course, if personally invited, one should make all the effort to be present because there is a right of others for us to fulfil the invitation.  We also have to consider others’ point of view and not wrapped up in our own dislikes and discomfort. However, sometimes, perhaps when one know one does not have the ability and energy to make a convo into a meaningful one, one tend to skip the social gatherings. I don’t know if this makes oneself rude and selfish.

One may not enjoy socialising when it stops becoming meaningful and significant; conversing on superficial matters that will not add value. One may then hate it and disappointed with oneself when one fails to shift the conversation to be a meaningful one. Perhaps, one should be more prepared and more courageous. Or perhaps, one may have been wrong all along, because there will always be values in anything if one seeks for it.

The more we isolate ourselves from new people, the more isolated and segregated our society may become. Those casual interactions we have in house party, dinner etc probably will be the ones to cross social and economic barriers. They expand your little world and overlapping bubbles that create a society.

Akhir kalam, Rasulullah saw ialah contoh terbaik. I pray that we all be given eloquence and courage to spread good and warming words.
Maaf zahir batin.