By Time

This is my notes from this lecture from my local Imam in Cardiff.

People of the past or at any time, those who are successful, guess what? They were not always generous. They were stingy too; stingy of their time - a very very expensive commodity.
Allah says in the Quran, which brings the meaning of: He was the One who placed the sun as a shining lamp, and the moon as a reflector of the light and Allah made this world in phases, so that men may recognise the value of time, therefore not fall into pit of uselessness.

Youth is, but a fleeting moment of strength, shrouded by weakness; which precedes and follows it.

There is a story about Ibn al Jawzi who had written at least 30 titles, said that he would like to benefit his time, but he usually has guests and they have rights upon him, so he usually will use the time sharpening his pencils and sewing his books.