You Terus

Assalamualaikum. This is just a writing about my unorganised thoughts (like most of my posts, because I usually don't proofread them, simply scribbling).

You terus; or rather Uterus. I got the phrase 'You terus' from a joke by my friend. You know who you are.

Eating trash has always been my problem. What I mean by trash is unhealthy food. I don't yet find the best way to motivate me to eat healthily. Then, this thought came. However, I must say here that they are only relevant to ladies.

Well, ladies. Doesn't what you eat shape you, affect your future, at least your future health? Plus, if you aspire to have offsprings in the future, and not only that, you want them to be healthy, don't you? So, you have got to take care of your health from now on. Don't we carry our children with us now? Lol. No? The ovum (Or rather follicles) in your ovaries? Their individuality has already existed physically with you since you were a foetus. They, if you would like to think, have also been physically connected with your mum (their grandmother).

So, whenever the thought of opening the maggi package or reaching out any other trash, put your hand on your lower belly and think of 'You Terus', or if you want to go a step forward, imagine caressing a baby (foetus) with a motherly touch. Lol. What a strange thought.

I don't know how long will this work on me. Trying to manipulate my mind.

P/s : I don't know any direct effects of diet to ovarian follicles/ ovum, you can check the literature if you want. As for now, I need to sleep. Knackered, moving from one hospital to another in a day and doing some crunches and lunges.