Structure in Life

Everything in this life has been ordained an order. Look at the sky; you will see many celestial bodies. It is not allowed for the moon to meet the sun although all this while it has enjoyed the sun's light and has been reflecting it. Well, before the end of time, that will be the case.

The exact strength of gravity ordained by Allah has made the life possible. Had it been any stronger, it will retained more poisonous gases and had it been any lesser, it might not retain the right amount of oxygen. So is the consistency in the order of life.

Had the axis of the earth is just a bit different, the seasons may change and will lead to chaos.

This theme of tremendous order, harmony and miraculous arrangement is recurrent.

There is indeed no crookedness if we really ponder.

Look at the order of solah. Had we done it a second earlier, it will be invalid. Had we delayed it, we will have to answer this.

We ought to be structured.

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